About us

XPERT-SCAN is an Original Brand created by HST Technologies Company Limited, a company founded in Hong Kong in 2007.

During several years of development, HST Technologies Co., Ltd., has become one of the leading companies in Automotive Diagnostic products.

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Develop High-end Diagnostic Equipment at totally accessible costs, with the best standards of Coverage, Functionality, Quality and Technical Support for the Automotive Market.

Company vision

HST Technologies Co., Ltd., is a Company focused on finding high quality solutions at totally accessible costs for the Automotive Market Worldwide, our main policy is quality, honesty and customer service, which results in satisfaction total for those who buy our products, providing a long-term business relationship.

we care take our clients

The design of the Xpert-Scan brand software focused on the special requirements of our clients, manufacturing a powerful team in both Vehicle Coverage, High-end Features and Quality Technical Support in order to achieve a very affordable cost for Automotive Technicians without the need to pay large amounts of money for equipment that sells renowned brands with functions similar to those of XPERT-SCAN.

Welcome to our company: HST Technologies Company Limited manufacturer of the XPERT-SCAN brand.

XS-800 en Automechanika Madrid

What distinguishes us

Car Coverage

Our diagnostic tools can work with virtually every brand of vehicle in the world.

High-end features

XS-800 PRO is a Multi-Systems Professional Automotive Scanner with full coverage on all Vehicle Systems.

High Quality Technical Support

We provide personalized support in English, Spanish and Portuguese via WhatsApp, Wechat, Skype, FB Messenger, Email and Team Viewer.

Affordable cost

We want the automotive technician pay an affordable and fair price.

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