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software and Registration

1. Download the file with the name XpertScan Installer by clicking DOWNLOAD INSTALLER

2. Unzip the XpertScan Installer file

3. Open the Folder and run the XpertScan Installer file

4. Select Language

5. Click  Install

6. At the end of the installation, an Icon is created on the PC desktop with the name XpertScan

7. Double Click Icon to open the Program and select Register


8. Complete the data and at the end click Register


9. Sign in with the Username and Password with which you registered. (Select the Stay signed in box to remember Username and Password in subsequent accesses)


10. A legend will appear indicating that there is no serial number associated with the partner. Click OK


11. Click on Product Registration, write the Serial Number and Password of your equipment.
The Serial Number and Password of the equipment can be found by turning the equipment ON in Settings and then About.
Can also be found on a printed label next to the CD inside the kit case


XS-800 PRO Software Update

12. To update the software, remove the TF Catd (Mini SD Card) from the Device in the off state and place it in the USB adapter that comes in the accessories of the equipment, then place it in a USB port on your Laptop or PC.

13. Once the memory is connected to your PC or laptop, Sign in with the XpertScan software and click on My updates


14. If you want to install all available updates, click on Update All, if you only want to update a particular brand, just click on the green arrow that corresponds to the brand.


15. When finished remove the USB adapter from your PC or laptop, remember to do it safely by clicking on Eject Hardware safely

16. Put the TF Card (Mini SD Card) to the Diagnostic Equipment XS-800 PRO in off state, after this last step you can use the equipment normally.

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